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A new way to socialize, locally

Zipstory is the first place to know what is going on in your town because it’s from real people like you. Check out what's cool directly from local people and let others know too.

Connect with the people you like along the way.

If every city had a blog...

Zipstory would be its platform. Zipstory enables locals and visitors to write about anything happening in the area, including sharing stories about your local experiences, latest news, pictures, videos and commentary.

Ask the natives

Post any local questions you have and people in your city will be notified right away. You'll get the best answers now from the people that know nearby. You also can answer local questions and be appreciated through community up votes and comments.

Your Cities, Topics and People

Zipstory let's you follow all your cities in one place. Filter and sort only the topics you care about. Keep a growing list of people you connect with along with way. Its what's happening in your area and what matters to you.

Community Votes Matter More

Content is sorted by votes on Zipstory so the good stuff shows up at the top.

In addition, you can become a moderator for your cities as you gain in positive reputation.

Because you make Zipstory a better place, it will open up many fun things, including giving you lots of rewards points.

Your Good Reputation Rewarded

Local businesses offer up goods and services in exchange for rewards points earned by you through getting up votes and referring other people to Zipstory.

When you claim rewards, you help local businesses get exposure because the rewards you redeem are included on your posts and profile page.

Don't miss out on the contest.

VIZ Contest

for Very Important Zipstorians

Contest Details
  1. Contest coming soon to your town.
  2. You must have a valid driver's license with your current address of your Zipstory home town.
  3. Gain reputation through up-votes on your Zip Story posts.
  4. Refer to your friends and family from your facebook account, gmail account or other emails, you will earn contest reward points.
  5. You write comments on other people’s post, if you get up-votes, you will get contest reward points.
  6. Give us a feedback, you will earn contest reward points.

The top 200 point earners will be deemed a VIZ (Very Important Zipstorian). Each VIZ will get Zipstory VIZ tshirt, an online VIZ badge and get a chance to moderate for their city.


The Top Five Zipstorians who got the most contest reward points will win the following:

1st Prize $800 in Gift Cards. *

2nd Prize $600 in Gift Cards. *

3rd Prize $400 in Gift Cards. *

4th Prize $200 in Gift Cards. *

5th Prize $100 in Gift Cards. *

* Gift Cards apply to Zipstory selected local businesses in your home city.